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"Help Jacob & Ruth to stand, preach the gospel,
and build cultures of prayer."

About The Yeltons

Jacob has a heart to lead his generation to stand before their Father in Heaven and sing new songs from His Word that move His heart and transform their own.


Ruth has a heart to disciple and see the next generation pursue holiness and purity as they grow in the knowledge of God. She is also passionate about raising up young children and becoming a mother one day.


If you would like to hear more feel free to reach out!! 

Raleigh , NC

(828) 467-4323


Where They Are Now

While in the Prayer Room, you will see Jacob leading worship sets, writing and singing new biblical songs, and teaching 5-12 year-olds to worship and pray. He will continue to develop the skills he learned at Campbell University to help cultivate a culture of Prayer across the Raleigh-Durham region. 


Ruth works part-time as an Assistant Project Manager at a grant research and consulting company, and lends her administrative skills part-time to the Prayer Room as well. She has a passion for entrepreneurship and sustainable living, and works part-time running her own small business ‘Shop Sustainable’: a secondhand thrifted fashion shop.“


In their free time, you are likely to find them in 1 of 3 places:

    1. On a date :)

    2. At the latest park/hiking spot they just discovered.

    3. At a local coffee shop, enjoying a pour-over or latte.

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