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The  Family Message

Making a way for every nation, tribe, and tongue to take their place in God’s family.


"God is Our Father and He longs for His Family to be united together. Also, He promised His Son a spotless Bride, who will be equally yoked with Him in love (Is. 62:1-5). The Family of God is made up of both Jews and Gentiles (Eph. 3:15). God made an everlasting covenant with Abraham and the land promised to him, which extended to all of Abraham's descendants, the Jewish people. Through faith in Christ, Jewish, and Gentile people can participate in that covenant of eternal blessing as The Family of God."


During our Family set, we invite you to come sit in the circle with everyone!  This is an intentional time for the family of God to come together and be centered around our Father in heaven and His desire to have His family. 


You’ll notice that this set:

  • is not on the stage

  • no microphones are used

  • all instruments are unplugged

  • chairs are repositioned in a circle, facing the center

Just as it will be on earth as in heaven, we want to make a way for every nation, tribe, and tongue to take their place in God’s family and bring their voice to this set.

Each week we go after Scriptures pertaining to the Family message found throughout the Bible and sing out new songs and prayers as a family, crying out for His Bride–a family of Jew and Gentile–to come together and come home.  (Before this set, we encourage you to join us for a half-hour brief in the back as we go deep in the Scriptures and receive revelation of the Father’s heart for family together beforehand.) 


This set is also different from others in that there is not one primary worship leader, but rather everyone in the circle brings their own new songs that we sing together, with one staff member functioning more as a facilitator than a traditional worship leader.  (We encourage everyone to be led by the Spirit! New songs do not have to be songs you’ve rehearsed prior to this set, but can be unscripted as the Lord gives new choruses to each of us in the circle.) 


We in honor give preference to one another by listening for and joining in the other songs being sung by brothers and sisters sitting beside us (Romans 12:10).  We also take time to pray for our own families and for the lost to come home!  It is a powerful time and we highly encourage you to join us for this set.

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