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"Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am [a]gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls." -MATTHEW 11:28-29


We exist to provide a safe place for children to be TRAINED in Worship, Bible, and Prayer, while their parents can encounter God in the prayer room.



Garner Christian Fellowship 

4820 Guy Rd, Clayton, NC



10a - 11:30a

(see below or breakdown)


Every Wednesday

Starting Wed.

June 7th to August 9th



Parents will drop off children at the playground in the back of the church. 

11 to 12 noon WORSHIP

Children will remain inside for teaching and worship.

Toddlers and Elementary kids will be in separate rooms

11:30pm PICK UP

Parents can pick up their children the same spot as drop off.



Parents are always welcome to stay with the kids or remain in the prayer room for an hour and a half set.

2-5 Year Olds

STAFF: Karena & Tirzah

They are always welcome to stay in the prayer room with their parents. Otherwise all children will start outside for drop off and this group will remain in the nursery.

5-12 Year Olds

STAFF: Ben & Jacob

Will start outside and then move inside for worship and teaching seperate from the nursery. 

13 and Older

Are always welcome to attend, and we will serve them the best we can.

Announcing !!

Sunday evenings twice a month (Every 1st & 3rd Sunday;

5pm in the prayer room)



Can my children bring snack or lunch?

Children can bring lunch OR snack and eat during the outside portion.

What will my child need?

Bible - (we will provide if need be)

Water bottle - please bring a water bottle as days can get hot. If not we will provide. 

Lunch/Snack -  please bring if needed. We will provide a simple snack such as goldfish. Any other snack we give will be ok'd by parents. 

What about volunteers?
  1. Volunteers must pass a Background Check. BACKGROUND CHECKS: $30 

  2. Staff will NEVER be alone with your child. As two people are assigned to each group.

  3. Camera's are strategically placed around the church to monitor events. 

  4. There are windows on all doors so that parents can come at anytime and look at children. 

  5. No one but staff and parents are allowed near children. 

What about the bathroom?

Parents -  are asked to take their children to the bathroom before coming to the room.

Staff - Our staff will NOT go in the bathroom with your child. should a child have to go to the bathroom during the child’s time in the room then we will:

Find the parent and ask them to take the child.

When can a child not attend?

Sick -  When a child is sick (have had a cold/fever/vomiting/cough, or a sibling/parent in house has, in the past 24 hours.)

Conflict -  When they are not able to get along with others (This will be left up to the discretion of the Child Care Department Head. TPR will be as reasonable as possible, and has the goal of wanting to help the mother get into the prayer room. We will do everything we can to make this work, but understand that some children will be beyond the normal skill set of a volunteer child care worker. Therefore we will take these measures if a child is not able to get along with the care worker or other children in the room:

 They will warn the child. 

Share concerns with parents at pick up time. 

Then monitor the child the next time. 

After 3 times if the child is not able to cooperate we will ask the parent to take a 2 week break from the Children's Equipping Center.

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