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"Help Caroline to stand, preach the gospel,
and build cultures of prayer."

About Caroline

Caroline grew up in Clayton, NC and now gets to serve the region she grew up in, in the place of prayer. She has one older brother who is married with a baby on the way. Her parents are faithful believers and still reside in the house she grew up in and they all attend Antioch Raleigh serving the local church.

She has a degree in graphic design from UNCC that she is able to use in many ways to serve the body of christ. 



If you would like to hear more feel free to
reach out!! 

Raleigh , NC

(919) 909-2924


Where She Is Now

Caroline has been serving in the Triangle Prayer Room for 3 years serving as a full time staff member, who is focused primarily on building the House of Prayer in Raleigh, NC.


 She works with the Triangle Prayer Room leadership team on a day to day basis building a place for sustained prayer and worship in the Raleigh-Durham, NC region. 

While in the Prayer Room, you will see her leading worship sets, writing and singing revelatory songs, and discipling young women. She will continue to develop the skills she learned at UNCC to help cultivate a culture of Prayer across the Raleigh-Durham region. 


In her free time, you are likely to find her in 1 of 3 places:

    1. Thrifting 

    2. Exploring outdoors

    3. Exercising or Cooking

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